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What You Need To Know About Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a highly effective procedure for treating skin cancer that has a cure rate of almost 99 percent when the cancer is caught early. A micrographic technique is utilized during the surgery that enables the dermatologist to remove all the cancerous skin cells while sparing as much healthy skin tissue as possible. Dr. Patricia Carroll-Chen and  Dr. Timothy Salmon,  the skilled dermatologists at Precision Dermatology in Sun City, AZ, perform Mohs surgery for many types of skin cancer.

Benefits of Mohs Surgery

There are several surgical procedures for treating different types of skin cancer, but Mohs surgery has the benefit of conserving more healthy skin tissue. When removing cancerous skin cells, some healthy skin tissue gets removed as well to ensure all the cancer is gone. However, sometimes more healthy tissue is affected than is preferable. Mohs surgery utilizes an advanced micrographic technique that minimizes the amount of healthy skin tissue being removed while still removing all of the cancerous cells.

The Procedure

The experienced dermatologists at our clinic in Sun City, AZ, utilize Mohs surgery for the treatment of skin cancer. Local anesthesia is administered to numb the treatment area but allows patients to remain awake during the procedure. Once surgery begins, any visible tumors are removed and immediately examined under a microscope. For malignant tumors, the area of skin surrounding the tumor site is then mapped out.

After mapping out a specific area of skin, small portions of skin tissue are removed at a time and examined under a microscope right away. As long as the samples of skin contain cancerous cells, the doctor will continue to remove additional samples until no more cancer remains. By removing small portions of affected skin tissue at a time, it is possible to primarily remove only cancerous cells so that more healthy skin tissue is preserved.

Once all of the cancerous tissue has been removed, the treatment area is stitched closed if it was relatively small. If the area is too large for stitches, then a tissue flap or skin graft is performed. Using Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer in its early stages has a cure rate of close to 99 percent so it is extremely effective, while also causing the least amount of damage to the skin.

Mohs surgery can successfully eliminate cancerous skin cells while leaving healthy skin tissue intact. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Carroll-Chen or Dr. Salmon to learn more about Mohs surgery by calling Precision Dermatology in Sun City, AZ, at (623) 875-2600.

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